If you’re a traveling film-maker, or just a big fan of travel videos, and you haven’t yet discovered Tripfilms, the travel-focused video sharing website, then now’s the time to venture over!

Tripfilms is currently putting on the first annual Trippy Awards, to honour the best videos from its community members. The categories are fun and thoughtful: take the Hop On A Plane Award, for instance, which will go to the most inspiring or wanderlust-inducing video.

The nominees have already been selected, but you can still check them all out and vote for your favorites — the ballot closes on March 1st.

Meanwhile, if you’re still learning, and looking for the skills to compete for a Trippy Award in future, be sure to check out this excellent, helpful article: 8 Useful Online Tools for Traveling Filmmakers.

Photo by MK Media Productions (Creative Commons)

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