Since April 11th, many Ugandans have been making a statement to their government by walking to work, a movement to protest the rising fuel and food prices. Inspired by the Egyptian uprising, these protests, lead by Activists for Change and the government opposition, are bringing attention to the polarized population of Uganda.

President Museveni and government officials state the Walk-to-Work movement is aimed at making the nation “ungovernable,” lead by a thrice-defeated presidential candidate (and former physician to Museveni), Kizza Besigye. On the other side, Ugandans are infuriated with government spending on new fighter jets and presidential ceremonies when the majority can’t afford the rising costs of their daily essentials.

The frequent arrests of Kizza Besigye are causing the public to erupt, subsequently resulting in police taking extreme action to curb the violence. Five people are reported dead along with hundreds more injured. The State Department is urging American travelers to limit travel in the region.