It’s that time of year again.

Rolf Potts’ is seeking two new writers to contribute a couple of posts per week, on anything and everything vagabond-related!

The site doesn’t pay, but it’s a great platform for aspiring travel writers, with plenty of exposure and lots of opportunities to make contacts.

I’m actually one of the writers being replaced — I’ve been writing for the site for about 15 months now, and am ready to pass the reins. I’d be thrilled to see another Matador member on the blog, so please, check out the full application details and think about applying!

Writing for free is a bit of a controversial issue in travel blogging circles: for more, check out my post on Vagabondish, Writing For Free: Is It Worth It?, the debate over at Written Road that prompted my response, and a more recent post from Matador member Christine Gilbert, Want to be a Travel Writer? Don’t Write for Free.

Also, be sure to check out my recent interview, Rolf Potts: On His New Book, “Letting It Flow”, and the Stories That Never Got Written.

Photo by morbuto (Creative Commons)

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