Maybe you’ve heard about the four hour work week.

But how about the 12 hour work month?

That’s what the Australian Tourism Board is promising– along with a three bedroom villa (that comes with your own pool) and a $150,000 salary–to the applicant who is selected to fill the position of chief explorer and blogger.

Job duties include “having lots of fun” exploring Australia’s islands, bringing back stories, and finding an effective way to share them with the rest of the world. Only 12 hours of actual work are estimated per month for the position. And the job’s temporary– the new hire will be done with the gig in just six months.

Applicants proficient in SCUBA, snorkeling, and sailing will be given preference, as will those with skill in photography, blogging, and communications in general.

Sound like the dream job? Get all the application information here.

And if you win, let all your friends here at Matador know, won’t you?

Photo: idrewuk (Flickr creative commons)

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