DIANA BOCCARA AND LEONARDO LONGO are two Brazilian filmmakers on a round-the-world trip shooting music videos for indie bands. Just try to imagine their daily routine: one country per month, one music video per week, selecting and contacting bands, setting up temporary locations, shooting/editing/uploading each video to Youtube. Plus they’re making webisodes for a show called Behind the Trip. Yes, this is all as hard as it sounds.

The couple, with several years of TV experience in Brazil, had the idea while road tripping the US back in 2014. In a year, they managed to find commercial partners and in March 2015 they hit the road — starting in Brazil, then Europe, part of Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Diana and Leo just arrived in the US via Los Angeles. Right now they have something like 45 different music videos available on their Youtube channel. Their next stop is Nashville — there will be around 10 videos shot in the US — and then the hard-working traveler/music fan couple will travel south: Mexico City, Bogotá, Santiago de Chile, Montevideo and Buenos Aires. The plan is to arrive back home in São Paulo, Brazil, in October.

You can view the whole playlist here, but above is one of my favorites. It was shot in Cairo and features the band Cairokee.