Here at Matador Pulse, Eva and I receive lots of e-mails notifying us of new books, products, events, and websites related to travel. Getting the inside scoop on new releases and deciding what’s the best of the best to share with readers are a couple of the perks of our job.

Truth is, we love sharing our opinions with you!

Sometimes, though, we like to leave the final call up to you.

In the past week, we’ve learned of two newish travel-related websites, UrbanStrolls, and Chickable, which seem as if they haven’t reached a critical mass of users just yet.

UrbanStrolls offers self-guided walking tours of San Francisco, Istanbul, and Singapore in MP-3 format for $12.99.

Chickable, on the other hand, is a website creating an online travel community for women “to capitalize on the explosive growth of the women-only travel market.”

Take a look at these sites and let us know what you think… What does a travel website need to do to be relevant, to reach a critical mass of users, and to engage you as a regular visitor? Share your comments below.

Photo: lavendamemory (creative commons)