I just heard about this yesterday. It actually started on January 15, but anyone can start at any time. The idea for the annual event was born from this quote by Jelaluddin Rumi:

What nine months does for the embryo,
forty early mornings will do for
your growing awareness.

The goals of the event, according to the Winter Feast for the Soul website:

  • To create an annual worldwide period of spiritual practice for people of all faiths to come together in prayer and meditation.
  • To support people around the world in finding inner peace in their lives through the creation of a daily spiritual practice.
  • To recognize that every person and every group is entitled to their own unique form of expression of these goals and is encouraged to practice them without discrimination.
  • To work toward a global consciousness of peace.

It’s free to participate in and you can even sign up to commit to the 40 days. The website also has plenty of free, streaming online guided meditations, including ones from last years Summer and Winter Feast.

As my yoga instructor said yesterday, this kind of practice is the equivalent to the “think globally, act locally” mantra. Start with yourself to increase your awareness and peace and it will ripple outwards.

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