On Memorial Day 2011 in Miami, Narces Benoit witnessed and caught on his mobile phone a group of police officers shooting and killing a suspect in a car chase.
He was then held at gunpoint, handcuffed, got his phone smashed and taken to headquarters to be questioned. They never found the memory card which was safely tucked inside his mouth.
The video was later uploaded on Youtube and quickly went viral.

Once again, another example of intimidation and harrasment against photographers already being labeled as perverts or terrorists.

As the National Press Photographers Association’s general legal counsel Mickey H. Osterreicher says:

“While it may be understandable that your officers had a heightened sense of tension after the shooting of Herisse, that is still no excuse for them to allegedly harass, intimidate, threaten or attack those taking photographs/video on a public street” […] “Recently in Egypt, Syria and Libya citizens and photojournalists have risked, and in some cases given, their lives to provide visual proof of repressive governmental activities. It is truly a shame that what is viewed abroad as heroic is considered as suspect at home.”

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