If you’re an aspiring travel writer and long-term travel enthusiast, chances are you’ve come across ‘Vagabonding’ author Rolf Potts at some point.

Well, now’s your chance to write for his site. Vagablogging.net has issued a call for writers interested in contributing 1-2 blog posts per week, and the deadline to apply is July 25.

I also contribute to Vagablogging, and while the position is unpaid, I can say from personal experience that writing for the site is a great way to network and make contacts leading to paid opportunities. Rolf’s a big name in the travel writing field, and he goes out of his way to help his bloggers out. Particularly if you’re just starting out in travel writing, take a look at the site and think about applying!

For more on the pros and cons of writing for free, you can check out this post I wrote at yet another excellent travel blog, Vagabondish.

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