The annual feast for long-tailed macaques in Lop Buri, Thailand took place this past weekend. The monkeys are connected to the founding of the town; historically the Hindu god Hanuman founded the town of Lop Buri, and the monkeys there are said to be his descendants.

According to Patrick Winn over at GlobalPost, the long-tailed macaques in Lop Buri “are a menace: yanking down ladies’ skirts, scrambling up tourists’ necks and eating anything that can fit in their furry faces. Not only is this simian banditry tolerated by residents, it’s annually celebrated.”

This year’s spread featured cakes, fruits and candies. The celebration seems to be a bit of a controversial one. The article states, “The official reason [for the celebration] involves Hindu lore and a belief that these macaques are blessed descendants of a [Varana] warrior who must be honored. The real reason? Tourist authorities want you to visit Lop Buri.”

See some pictures of the feast and read more about it here.

But what do you think? Is this a historical event or a tourist trap or a bit of both?

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