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10 Differences Between a Normal Friend and a Friend From Philadelphia

by Brandyn Campbell Sep 17, 2018

There are friends, and then there are friends from Philadelphia. Philly friends are a special breed who do things a little differently, but that’s exactly why you love them. Here are 10 differences between a normal friend and a friend from Philly.


A normal friend pays little attention to your adult beverage order.

A Philly friend strongly attempts to dissuade you from your request for a cheap national beer. Should you continue down your path of self-destruction, they will order a better beer for you so that you can taste a real good brew.


A normal friend will avoid you when your opposing sports teams are set to face off.

A Philly friend will seek you out and bombard you with memes mocking your team.


A normal friend will politely and quietly take you to tourist attractions they have no interest in when you’re in town for a visit.

A Philly friend will more or less do the same until you ask to visit Pat’s and Geno’s. The rest of the visit will be spent pointing out every other place in and around the city that has better cheesesteaks.


A normal friend will plan your wedding or baby shower with no conditions.

A Philly friend will happily plan a wedding or baby shower with the caveat that it cannot take place on any Sunday during the fall.


A normal friend will suggest that you meet for drinks.

A Philly friend will enter into a day-long series of messages featuring commentary and links at the suggestion of meeting for drinks, taking into consideration time of day, desired price point, the vibe of the crowd, indoor versus outdoor seating, and neighborhood.


A normal friend coddles you with relationship advice that may not be entirely helpful or true, but they want to let you down gently.

A Philly friend keeps it real and will tell you that the other person’s just not that into you.


A normal friend can’t wait to pick an exciting, exotic new vacation spot for next year’s trip.

A Philly friend is content to return to the same shore town where they’ve vacationed for the past few decades.


A normal friend’s New Year’s Eve plans consist of one evening of events, with the night ending a few hours after the clock strikes midnight.

A Philly friend’s New Year’s plans are a two-day extravaganza. Just when you thought you were able to stay home and recover from the night, they return in the late afternoon on January 1st to continue the celebration on 2nd Street.


A normal friend talks about their two-buck chuck score from Trader Joe’s.

A Philly friend cries into their wine purchased at the state store because, with Pennsylvania’s bizarre liquor laws, we’ll never see the day when TJ’s can stock vino in our state.


A normal friend is always there for you.

A Philly friend is always there for you, and armed with a customized six-pack for extra TLC.

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