1. Cheesesteaks, obviously

Although Philadelphia gets most of the attention, Delco and many of the surrounding counties across the state love their Cheesesteaks, too. The real question is: Do you like yours wiz wit or without?

2. Primanti Brothers sandwiches

Pennsylvanian sandwich

Photo: Roy Luck

Started in Pittsburgh in 1940s, there are now over 20 locations scattered throughout the state. Who doesn’t love massive sandwiches on fresh Italian bread piled high with meat, cheese, fresh-cut fries, tomatoes, and coleslaw?

3. Perogies

They are EVERYWHERE in Pennsylvania and engrained in most locals’ taste buds.

4. Scrapple

You either love it or hate it but Scrapple has its devoted fans.

5. Whoopie pies

Pennsylvanian whoopee pies

Photo: F_A

The best snacks you can get at farmers’ markets.

6. Potato chips

Pennsylvanian potato chips

Photo: April Pink

Nothing beats the taste of Utz, Middleswarth, and Herr’s.

7. Hershey’s chocolate products

We want them all!

8. Tastykake products

Our favorite ones include Kandy Kakes, cupcakes, pies, doughnuts, Dreamies, and Minis.

9. Mushrooms

Pennsylvania food

Photo: Pixabay

Kennett Square is the mushroom capital of the world. It is estimated that nearly 50% of the nation’s mushrooms are grown there.

10. Stromboli

Pennsylvanian stromboli

Photo: kae71463

Calzone with a twist (literally).