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10 Reasons You Should Never Date a California Guy

by Julia Kitlinski-Hong Apr 12, 2017

1. He’s obsessed with the outdoors.

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A casual five-mile hike on Mt. Tam or a weekend morning surf session at Laguna Beach is always part of his routine. Sitting on the sofa and binge watching is not something that is in his DNA. His motto is why waste a perfectly sunny day inside when you could be outside overdosing on Vitamin D.

2. He takes care of his body better than you.

California guys embrace body grooming, waxing, plucking and the occasional visit to the nail salon to get their feet baby soft. If you want a burley mountain man that would never say “exfoliate” in a sentence, then Golden State guys are not for you.

3. You’ll have to adjust to new slang.

“This place is hella cutty, let’s bounce.” Californian guys have a wide variety of unique slang and are not afraid to use it.

4. You’ll have to drink craft beers.

Guys in California are obsessed with local craft brews like Anchor Steam and Lagunitas and will go out of their way to frequent the many craft breweries around the state. Forget Budweiser and Coors, California guys are snobs when it comes to picking their poison.

5. He prefers a laidback lifestyle.

California guys are chill and are never in a hurry to get anywhere. Whether they work for a start-up or in the entertainment biz, both their professional and personal lives are easy-going and it takes a lot to rile them up.

6. He’ll be wearing a lot of orange and black or white and blue (but never together).

Starting in spring you’ll not hear the end of baseball, whether it’s the San Francisco Giants or their rivals, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Be forewarned that a lot of beer, rowdy guys and tacos will be a constant in his apartment during baseball season.

7. He’s obsessed with tacos.

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He’ll have his own favorite taco truck that he claims is the best (and don’t you dare disagree with him). Also, late night taco runs are a must for him when he gets the midnight munchies. Don’t try to convince him that pizza is better, because it will not go well.

8. He doesn’t own fancy clothes.

Guys in California are most comfortable in flip-flops, and sweats. If he needs to dress up for something (like work) he will put on a pair of his nicest Levi’s and not think twice about it. Forget slacks or a suit, most guys do not own them.

9. He’s obsessed with working out.

Gym is like a religion in California and it’s not surprising to find guys working out seven days a week. When it’s always warm outside you need to keep your body in good shape, because you never know when the next pool party is.

10. He’ll think California is the center of the universe.

Don’t even try to tell him there are other places to live, since he believes there’s no better place to call home than the Golden State. Warm weather, great food, a laid-back attitude and plenty of natural beauty, he will never want to leave.

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