1. Coun-y

NEPA word

You live in Lackawanna or Luzerne coun-y?

2. Couple two-tree

NEPA word

Can I get a couple two-tree slices of bread?

3. Tamayda

NEPA word

I’ll have a BLT with extra tamayda.

4. Youse

NEPA word

Youse guys going to the baseball game tonight?

5. Prolly

NEPA word

I’ll prolly go there after I’m done running errands.

6. Sammich

Woman eating sandwich

Photo: Alpha

if I don’t get my sammich in a second I’m going to flip.

7. Spelt

NEPA word

I got out of the speeding ticket cuz the cop spelt my name wrong.

8. Hawdogs

hot dog image

Photo: Clicker

I need to get my fix of Abe’s hawdogs.

9. Heyna or no?

NEPA word

Philadelphia is going all the way this year! Heyna or no?

10. Nannycoke

NEPA word

I grew up just outside Wilkes-Barre in Nannycoke.