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10 Words You'll Only Hear in NEPA

Pennsylvania Humor
by Ryan Miscavage Feb 1, 2018

1. Coun-y

You live in Lackawanna or Luzerne coun-y?

2. Couple two-tree

Can I get a couple two-tree slices of bread?

3. Tamayda

I’ll have a BLT with extra tamayda.

4. Youse

Youse guys going to the baseball game tonight?

5. Prolly

I’ll prolly go there after I’m done running errands.

6. Sammich

if I don’t get my sammich in a second I’m going to flip.

7. Spelt

I got out of the speeding ticket cuz the cop spelt my name wrong.

8. Hawdogs

I need to get my fix of Abe’s hawdogs.

9. Heyna or no?

Philadelphia is going all the way this year! Heyna or no?

10. Nannycoke

I grew up just outside Wilkes-Barre in Nannycoke.

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