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13 Things You'll Get Addicted to Living in Philadelphia

by Brandyn Campbell Aug 28, 2018

Living in Philadelphia spoils you. With access to just about anything you can imagine at your fingertips, you quickly become accustomed to some of the finer things in life. In fact, you may grow addicted to a few. Here is a list of 13 things you’ll get addicted to living in Philadelphia.

1. Water ice

Whether you go-to is Rita’s or John’s, once you’ve had this delicious, refreshing treat, you won’t go without it again.

2. Federal Donuts

The assortment of rubs for the chicken and unique donut flavors from Federal Donuts make such a perfect pairing that you wonder how you ever survived without fried chicken and donuts.

3. Soft pretzels

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A good pretzel is a thing of beauty, and the best ones are found at lunch trucks across the city. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack, these on-the-go treats combine thrift with substance.

4. Reading Terminal Market

Packed with fresh, affordable produce; baked Amish goods; and some of Philly’s most delicious dining spots, anything you crave can be found at Reading Terminal Market.

5. Italian Market

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A visit to the Italian Market allows you to stock up on the freshest fish, meat, cheeses, and produce in the city. It also features the amazing sandwich shop Paesano’s, where you can fuel up before or after getting your haul of freshness for the week.

6. Gastropub goodness

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Combine a bar with a burger joint and add a side of fine dining and you’ll experience a world you never want to leave. Menus filled with truffle-infused french fries, popcorn, and hamburger options that satisfy even the most discerning of palates mean there’s no going back to venues whose only hints of variety are fish and chips and quesadillas.

7. Wawa

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Time is short and life is fast. Grab your morning coffee, a breakfast sandwich, and a hoagie and chips at Wawa and know that with one easy stop, you’ll eat well and make your stomach happy for the day.

8. Yuengling Lager

It’s not fancy, but it is crisp, refreshing, and local, which means cheap. Yuengling is the choice of beer snobs and novices alike. It’s good, clean fun.

9. Public art

Whatever the part of the city, Philadelphians need travel only a few blocks to observe the stories, creativity, and healing power of art thanks to the Mural Arts Program. Without entering any museum, living in Philly means being treated to a magnificent color palette at almost every turn.

10. Our restaurant scene

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Nothing has helped Philly come up in the world in recent years more than its world-class restaurant scene. Fueled by innovation, the word has spread that the city is much more than cheesesteaks. With frequent write-ups from the nation’s leading publications, establishments like Zahav, Laurel, and Double Knot leave average citizens and critics alike wanting more.

11. Philly sports teams

There’s a significant social aspect to watching Philly sports, so if you’re out at a bar, you can’t help but catch on the joy, pain, and/or panic involved in watching Philadelphia’s teams — even if you know nothing about sports.

12. Life-changing cannoli

Two words: Termini Bros.

13. Walking everywhere

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While not as expansive as cities like New York and Los Angeles, part of the joy of living in the city is traversing its many neighborhoods on foot. The historical markers that note important places around town add the element of constant discovery to even your most routine walks.

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