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16 Commandments for Dating a Texas Girl

by Caitlin Cecil-Sykes Aug 14, 2017

1. Thou shalt be brushed up on thy two step.

She might dance in circles around you with the dance hall regulars if you aren’t careful.

2. Thou shalt own boots.

(See #1 above).

3. Thou shalt remember she got a blow out for this.

Texas girls take care of their big Texas hair, so if you expect her to do something that messes said hair up, you better be ready to hear a HECK NO.

4. Thou shalt just order the queso.

Don’t ask if she wants queso, the answer is always yes. Same goes for dessert.

5. Thou shalt know local bodies of water.

Just because Galveston may be the closest beach doesn’t mean it’s the best idea. Surprise her with your knowledge of local lakes or better yet, SCHLITTERBAN.

6. Thou shalt show up with a koozie.

Nothing beats a cold beer on a hot day. Grab some koozies on your way out the door, she will be impressed when you have a solution to her cold hand on the beer bottle.

7. Thou shalt also show up (at least occasionally) with a bag of Shipleys.

Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and take her out for some kolaches and donuts every so often.

8. Thou shalt not be offended when she wants to meet you there.

We all know everyone in Texas drives everywhere, and it is SO NICE of you to offer to drive, but she probably wants to drive herself for safety reasons and if she wants to ditch you mid-date, her Cadillac is parked right outside.

9. Thou shalt keep in mind that college football season is a perfect date season.

If you know your girl’s team, you’ve got a golden ticket to dates for an entire season.

10. Thou shalt have Uber at the ready.

The bar might be really far from home and you do not want to to drink and drive.

11. Thou shalt grab the door and the check.

Texas women are used to their doors being opened for them, being helped in and out of the car, and not splitting the bill. Know that if you do not open that door for her, she will notice.

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