Photo: Andrew Preble

16 Images To Celebrate the Arrival of Fall

by Marie-Louise Monnier Sep 25, 2017

FORGET THE PUMPKIN spice lattes, the beginning of football season, and Halloween, the best thing about fall is the colors. Nature is transitioning in front of your eyes and there’s nothing you can do but enjoy the beauty of it all and be guided towards winter in the most vibrant way. Check out these amazing images of fall and stop fretting over the end of beach season — it will come around again next year. Those summer days always do.

It’s not all about yellows and oranges, don’t you know?

Only insufferable grumps don’t enjoy the rustling of the leaves under their feet as they take a walk in the woods.

Photo: Rule Sibai

I may be hated for this, but spring does not hold a candle to fall.

Raking can be hard, but come on! Aren’t these colors worth the back pain?

Photo: Ju On

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