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6 Things You Miss When You Leave Philly

by Ryan Miscavage Feb 25, 2018


Prepare for withdrawal. No hoagies, sandwiches, coffee, or your favorite convenient store.

2. Anytime the Eagles play

The city is electric anytime the Eagles are playing. You won’t be able to get that feeling anywhere else.


Whether it’s on the train or the bus, you’re guaranteed to see something strange, funny, and unusual. You’ll miss the free entertainment.

4. Mike Jerrick

The man is a treasure.

5. The word “Jawn”

It will be weird not hearing this 50 times a day.

6. Cheesesteaks

Good luck trying to get an authentic cheesesteak especially if you go south.

Pro tip: If you are outside of Philly and a menu says, “Philly Cheesesteak,” run!

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