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8 Reasons We Should All Move To Pennsylvania

by Ryan Miscavage Apr 5, 2018

Pennsylvania is an underrated state. People don’t think of moving to Philly or Pittsburgh when famous (and completely hyped-up) NYC is next door, but they should because we have a lot to offers to out-of-towners who decide to pack up and come live in our great state. From amazing junk food to a great college education, here are 8 reasons why you should move to Pennsylvania.

1. We make the best junk food.

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PA favorites include cheesesteaks, scrapple, whoopie pies, shoofly pies, pierogies, Hershey’s everything, Tastykakes, Dutch-style funnel cakes, pot pies, dippy eggs, Primanti brothers, and Twizzlers.

2. Our nature is amazing.

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We have a whopping 121 state parks full of waterfalls, fishing spots, wildlife-viewing areas, and great hiking trails. And, although we’re not by the ocean, we have Lake Erie and that’s good enough for us.

3. We’ve got Philly.

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Philly is a place of culture, fun, opportunity, and history that is just as good (if not better — we do have the Liberty Bell after all) and cheaper than NYC.

4. It’s a great place to get a college education.

We have an Ivy league school in UPenn. The best party school in Penn State. And the cure for polio was found at the University of Pittsburgh. Need we say more?

5. We’re a lot friendlier than New Yorkers.

People from Pennsylvania are warm-hearted and helpful. I remember getting a flat tire in the snow on the side of Interstate 81 a few years back. Within minutes, I had a stranger helping me change it and a state policeman put a flare out to signal to passing drivers. I was on my way in minutes.

6. Our sports teams are excellent and we are passionate fans.

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Six major sports franchises are in Pennsylvania including the current Super Bowl champions, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the six-time champions Pittsburgh Steelers. That’s not even counting the NCAA basketball champion Villanova Wildcats or other collegiate powerhouses in the state. Living in PA will give you some instant street cred when it comes to sports.

7. We get four defined seasons.

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Summer is hot and you can go swimming and boating in all of the lakes. In the fall, all of the trees turn colors, the temperature is perfect and it’s the best time for campfires in our parks. In winter, we get enough snow to ski Montage Mountain and Big Boulder. And in spring, all of our flowers bloom and we can start hiking up the local mountain ranges.

8. The beach is a maximum of 6 hours away.

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For many of us, it’s a lot less than that. Although, nobody here calls it the beach — we go “down the shore” instead.

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