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8 Reasons You Should Never Date a Wisconsin Girl

by Katie Hinkfuss Mar 27, 2017

1. Your blood needs to run green and gold.

Get used to it. In Wisconsin, being a cheesehead is a way of life.

2. A Packers jersey or shirt IS appropriate and necessary Sunday attire no matter what you are doing before and after the game.

Church, grocery shopping, shoveling… If you are not wearing your Packers gear, you might as well get out of the state already.

3. You will have to get your cheese game up — way up!

If you don’t have at least five different types of cheese in the fridge, including cheese curds, of course, don’t expect her to come back. Cheese is its own food group after all.

4. She’s tough.

Did she forget her jacket? She’s not cold. Are there blizzard-like conditions? Not cold, and she will make sure you never forget it, especially if you dare slip even for a second and admit that you are cold.

5. You’ll have to eat brats.

No, that doesn’t mean a spoiled rich kid — it means embracing Wisconsin’s German roots! And yes, they will be boiled in beer.

6. You will have to learn a whole new vocabulary.


7. Every summer you will be dragged to countless festivals.

And the greatest music festival ever – Summerfest! You’ll have to rock your summer away enjoying Wisconsin’s latest brews.

8. You’ll have to drink beer all the time.

There is a reason Milwaukee’s baseball team is called the Brewers. Get ready to spend a lot more time than usual talking about beer, trying beer and frequenting cool breweries. Poor you.

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