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8 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Wisconsin Guy

by Sarah Puckett Nov 5, 2018

If you’re in a budding relationship with a boy from Wisconsin, you already know that he uses words like “bubbler” and “pop” and that he has a taste for deer meat. But if you’re only beginning to navigate the dating scene in Wisconsin, here are another eight quirks you need to be aware of before you date a Wisconsin boy.

1. He knows alcohol better than most bartenders.

Your Wisconsin boyfriend loves beer, old fashioneds, and his grandpa’s homemade cherry bounce. At least 80 percent of your dates will involve one of these three beverages.

2. He’s passionate about sports.

If there’s a Brewers or Packers game on, don’t expect his attention to be on anything else. Watching the game is an all-day event.

3. Don’t expect to spend Thanksgiving with him.

Along with the other men in his family, your boyfriend will be up at the hunting shack during Thanksgiving weekend. And when they’re done, they’ll be watching football.

4. He either drives a truck, or he’s saving to buy a truck.

The truck is your Wisconsin boyfriend’s single most precious possession. If he’s saving up to buy one, anything that isn’t beer money is going straight to his truck savings fund.

5. You’ll need to buy a separate freezer for everything he hunts or wins at meat raffles.

He needs at least two freezers to hold excess meat, which means you’ll never go hungry.

6. Wisconsin will always be his home.

You’d better like the Cheese State, because chances are very slim he’ll ever want to live anywhere else. With perfect summers, cheap and delicious supper clubs, and endless craft beer options, there’s no better place for him.

7. His nice shirt is a plaid flannel.

Don’t expect a cotton button down and slacks. On occasions that require dressing up, you’ll find him in a flannel and jeans. Comfort comes first in Wisconsin.

8. His facial hair choices change regularly.

He’ll lure you in with a basic hipster mustache, but make no mistake about what is to come. Over the years, your boyfriend will don a Fu Manchu, a goatee, and a full beard, often as part of a charity fundraiser.

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