1. Insults

You’ve never known pain and misery until you’ve been insulted by a Texan. Whether insulting your intelligence with, “You can’t fix stupid”, “Here’s your sign,” or “Bless your heart,” Texans have a way of driving the shame home while still sounding folksy and relaxed.

2. Compliments

Texans aren’t always mean, and if you do something worthy of praise, their southern charm can work to your advantage. How else do you think Matthew McConaughey became so popular?

3. Describing the size of something

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and we love to make comparisons in size with Texas-related comparisons: Europe? That’s about 12 Texas’s How far to El Paso? As far as the eye can see — and then some. How much did OU lose the game by? 12 million points.

4. Motivational speeches

Dennis Quaid has a monopoly on motivational speeches spoken by Texans in movies. Our propensity towards motivating others probably stems from Colonel Travis’ last written words from the Alamo: “I shall never surrender or retreat.”

5. Names of food

Whataburger, sissy sauce from Rudy’s BBQ, the names of tacos at Torchy’s (Mr. Pink, Dirty Sanchez, etc.)… Texans have a way of naming their restaurants and menu items in a way that not only makes you want to eat everything in sight, but spread the word to those who don’t know any better.

6. Slogans and cheers

Things we can shout and holler the world over with confidence:

“Git ‘r done!”
“Don’t mess with Texas!”
“Hook ‘em!”

7. Complaining

If there’s one thing all Texans share in spades, it’s a deep seeded desire to complain. Interestingly enough, we don’t usually put up a fuss about physical pain or real-life suffering, but impermanent things that cause minor discomfort? We’re all over it… with the exception of the heat. We can stand that, i.e. Traffic on 635, rain when there shouldn’t be, and temperatures below 50 come to mind.

8. Making fun of Oklahoma

It’s just too easy to poke fun at our neighbors, and not only because OU is the competition for Texas football.