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The 8 Types of Eagles Fan You'll Find in PA

by Ryan Miscavage Feb 2, 2018

1. The fan from Philly

Arguably the most hardcore fan in all of sports. They live and die with each play and know the nuances of the game. They’re not afraid to get confrontational and talk trash. When the Eagles win, the city of Philadelphia wins.

2. The cursed fan

This is the fan who thinks the team is cursed. Think Robert Deniro in Silver Linings Playbook. Don’t mess with the juju! A Super Bowl win would bring this fan more joy than anything on earth.

3. The bandwagon fan

This is the fan who can name Carson Wentz and Nick Foles but struggles to come up with anyone else on the current roster. They were nowhere to be found in 2016.

4. The statistical fan

This fan can tell you about the 1991 draft class and spews out more stats than ESPN. Hasn’t missed a game in years. They can tell you everyone on the roster including guys on the practice squad.

5. The Cowboys hater

Cowboys fans are the bane of most Eagles fans’ existence, but this fan takes it to the next level. They’ll argue online for hours and, in person, they get confrontational. This is basically everyone in Philly. Wear a jersey to the Linc and you might get punched in the face.

6. The overly-insane fan

Drunk by 10 AM at the tailgate and louder than his whole group combined, this fan is looking to raise hell for the entirety or game day.

7. The lifelong fan

The Eagles are engrained to this fan’s soul. Dedicated, observant, and always loyal; this is a true fan from their first day to their last.

8. The Dilly Dilly Philly Philly fan

This fan took the commercial too far — says it 50 times a day. It was cool but this fan killed it. To the pit of misery with you!

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