1. Thou shalt not call a hoagie a sub.

Photo: JeffreyW

We don’t care what it’s called anywhere else.

2. Thou shalt not expect PennDOT to take care of the roads.

Photo: Editor5807

When there are potholes or snow, there will be nowhere to go.

3. Thou shalt have a firehall wedding reception.

Photo: PXhere

Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

4. Thou shalt expect all 4 seasons in a week.

A true phenomenon.

5. Thou shalt always choose Dunkin’ over Starbucks.

Photo: Javcon117

Pennsylvania runs on Dunkin’.

6. Thou shalt call it PA, not Pennsylvania.

It’s just how we say it.

7. Thou shalt go to the shore.

Photo: WPros

Never the beach.

8. Thou shalt be ready to have a fight about the superiority of Sheetz over WAWA (or vice versa).

Photo: Anthony

A battle as intense as light vs. dark.

9. Thou shalt not expect to get liquor in a straightforward manner.

Photo: PXhere

The laws are totally outdated. The state has their hand in everything, including how and where you purchase liquor.