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9 Signs You Were Born and Raised in Pennsylvania

by Ryan Miscavage Mar 30, 2018

There’s several sure signs that prove that you live in PA (Pennsylvania is only for out-of-towners): you use the state’s lingo no matter how funny it sounds; you know that this state is responsible for some of the best junk food in the nation; and you’re aware of the many rules to follow to be accepted in the state. But only if you were born and raised in PA have you experienced the following.

1. You have had Amish chicken and waffles.

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The only way to eat chicken and waffles is when it’s covered in gravy.

2. You know you can drive to East Berlin.

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It’s not that far, really.

3. You know the Pennsylvania state flower is really a traffic cone.

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You can’t drive more than five minutes without seeing one of these anywhere in PA.

4. You have had Cherikee Red.

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We know the bottle is highly inappropriate, but man does it taste good.

5. You know what Scapple is and you either love it or you hate it.

There is no in between!

6. You know the difference between birch beer and root beer.

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Out-of-towners think they have a somewhat similar taste but Pennsylvanians in the know prefer the birch bark and birch sap taste of birch beer to the sassafras plant used for root beer.

7. You know the two most famous groundhogs in Pennsylvania.

One makes winter last forever. The other tries to sell you lottery tickets.

8. You’ve been to a Little League World Series game

And you’ve stood in line for hours in the hopes of getting the best seats and not sit on the grass.

9. You know PA is more than just Philly and Pittsburgh.

We are lucky to have two major cities but we are also home to cool small towns, vast forests, and beautiful landscapes.

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