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9 Signs You're From the Valley

Pennsylvania Humor
by Ryan Miscavage Feb 16, 2018

1. You’ve cruised on the Ave.

Everyone did this at least once when they first got their license.

2. You’ve been to a party in the woods.

There is no party like a woods party in The Valley.

3. You run on Dunkin.

Not half of the people in the Valley would survive their day without Dunkin.

4. You know that Sheetz is the go-to spot for snacks.

You also know to avoid it at all costs from midnight to 2 AM on the weekends.

5. You’re a pizza connoisseur.

You know the differences between Old Forge style, Sicilian style, fried pizza, and round. It’s difficult to name your favorite pizza place because there are so many you love.

6. You have a language of your own.

We go to places like “Plymit”, “Nannycoke”, and travel up “da Eynon”.

7. Middleswarth Chips are the center piece of your diet.

The Weekender bag of Middleswarth BBQ Chips will make or break your social gathering.

8. Summertime is when you go country.

When Luke Brian plays at Montage, you put on your flannel. Even if you grew up in an alley in Wilkes-Barre.

9. You’ve seen some crazy s**t in Wilkes-Barre.

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