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9 Unwritten Rules About Dating in California

California Couples
by Kaleena Stroud Jan 31, 2018

They say there’s plenty of fish in the sea. And California has no shortage there. When it comes to meeting all sorts of people — one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish — take your pick and have a feast if you want. But dating? Putting a label on it? California plays by the rules a little bit differently. Blame it on the buffet of options or the 12-hour marriages that go down in our state, the rules aren’t always clear. But don’t give up hope, love is found every day.

Here are 9 unwritten rules about dating in California.

1. Hiking is an acceptable first date.

Who says you can’t get physical on the first date? We like to skip the small talk and get to the adventure.

2. If you live more than 15 miles away, you’re in a long-distance relationship.

You live in Santa Monica but the bae you just met lives in Diamond Bar. Say bye Felicia to spontaneous dates. Playa Vista and Pasadena lovers? May as well give it up now.

3. When one dating app is deleted, another one must be downloaded.

My Saturday plans? Lunch with Coffee Meets Bagel guy, early cocktail drinks with Bumble dude, and delete Tinder for the 100th time.

4. It’s acceptable to write “Trump supporters swipe left” in your profile.

We accept all walks of life in California, but we may ask you all those touchy subjects people in other states may wait much longer to discuss. Republican or Democrat? Vegan? Any exes I need to know about?

5. Moving in together doesn’t mean it’s serious.

Rent is high and you look good naked. Roomies?

6. Flip flops are not off the table.

We get it, we’re a laidback breed. Creatures made of sugar and spice and everything chill. The date may lead us to the beach and those flips flops come in handy.

7. But you may be competing with a model/actor/influencer.

Do you ever get dolled up and think you’re looking good but then you see someone who actually looks good? That’s California around every corner. Yes, employment is competitive here but DAMN so is dating!

8. Keep it exciting.

That’s not hard to do. We don’t do cliché candlelit dinners. We do midnight walks along the beach, Disneyland days, museum popups, food truck fairs, rooftop bars, and music festivals. We keep the excitement vibrant through many stages of dating from the first kiss well past the honeymoon stage.

9. Date people from other states.

Call me biased, but from Socal men to Bay Area vibes, I am partial to California-natives. I mean, we’re both born and raised in one of the best states in the good old USA! But I stand corrected when I meet someone from Oregon who can out-beer me drinking IPAs, or someone from Colorado who can out-hike me. So be sure to branch out and you may just meet a great catch.

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