Some might say I’m an unlikely candidate to be hosting a travel series. I pretty much have zero specialized skills — I’m not a professional scuba diver (midway through certification, I vomited on my teacher’s face); I cannot pilot a plane; and I let other people set up my tent for me. And yet, I’ve traveled to over 50 countries, most of them solo.

As the creator and host of the travel series Who Knows Where, I want to prove exactly this point: Rugged beards and Y chromosomes are not prerequisites for adventure travel. In each episode, I try my hand at something I’ve never done before and show you everything that happens along the way (periods, poops, projectile vomiting, and kickass people included). And, yes, it’s okay to laugh with me or at me — I greatly enjoy making a fool of myself.

For the latest episode, I head to Vietnam to get on a motorbike for the first time and ride over 1,000 miles from Saigon (a common nickname for Ho Chi Minh City) to Hanoi. In the months of preparation leading up to the trip, this sounded like a wonderful idea. The plan seemed slightly less wonderful when I was in Saigon, on my way to pick up said motorbike. As my stomach made its way to the seat of my pants, I couldn’t help but wonder if I had I bitten off more than I could chew, and if my trip would result in some Monet-shaped roadkill. It was the closest I’ve ever come to backing out.

Luckily, the months of preparations had created a steam engine of pride and rental confirmations that no last-minute mental breakdowns could stop.

Check out the episode below to see whether or not I will crash my bike (spoiler: I do).

I’m proud to say that this episode features almost exclusively Vietnamese bands and musicians, including rock bands Gat Tan Day and CoCC, as well as worldwide rapping sensation, Suboi.

And if you’re rolling your eyes at the thought of another white woman talking about how much she loves to travel, or if you just want more butt-kicking women in your feed, check out some of these adventurers: