What’s about timelapse videos that make us feel we are really getting the essence of a place? It’s difficult to know and not all videos manage to do it — the post-production process is not easy and it really takes talented filmmakers to catch that glimpse of a place and translate it into something as beautiful and hypnotic as this video. Filmmakers Peter Jablonowski, Thomas Pöcksteine, and Lorenz Pritz managed to do it. They visited New York City in September 2016 and shot this amazing timelapse video.

It took them “10 days, a lot of burgers, and one helicopter ride” to produce the video, and they admit they hardly slept during that time — they spent day and night shooting. As for that amazing taxishot, they manage to create it by taking photos of yellow cabs whenever they had time to from as many different angles as possible. They gathered 2000 photos in total, which they sorted and compiled into a hyperlapse around a cab in later. It took them 5 post-production days to get that one shot!