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This Magical Island in Ireland Is Looking for New Residents From the US

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by Eben Diskin Jun 7, 2019

If you’re thinking about retiring to a quiet, remote community, this island in Ireland could be your next home. After its population dwindled to a mere 469 people, Arranmore Island, just three miles off the coast of Donegal, is looking for new residents. And perhaps surprisingly, it’s Ireland’s first offshore digital hub, making it perfect for remote and online workers. The island has written open letters to the people of the US and Australia imploring them to relocate to Arranmore, touting its high-speed internet and sophisticated digital resources.

Its letter to the US reads, “Your commute, no matter where you are, will only ever be five minutes. You’ll have the best diving in Ireland on your doorstep and seafood to rival the tastiest New England chowder. There are fewer people here than would fit in a couple of Amtrak carriages, but enough musicians and good Irish whiskey to keep the party going well into the night.”

The island itself measures just five by three miles, and is defined by dramatic cliffs, sandy beaches, and sea caves. Historically, traditional industries like farming and fishing have dominated the island, but they’re not enough to keep young people from leaving. The advent of high-speed internet, however, has changed the professional landscape of Arranmore, making it more attractive to workers from a broad range of digital professions. The island is now home to graphic designers, game and app developers, photographers, and artisan craftspeople.

Neil Gallagher, an Arranmore native and CEO of a tech company called Caped Koala Studios, said, “The digital hub means people working for tech companies like mine can now work on Arranmore. The set-up is as good as any city in the world, but the view is so much better.”

For more information about relocating, or to get a sense of Arranmore’s community, visit its Facebook page.


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