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CLEAR Is Offering a Steep Discount for Couples and Friends Just in Time for Summer Travel

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by Olivia Harden May 12, 2022

Airport security lines can stretch for hours. But for those who have a service like CLEAR that lets them bypass the crowd, lines are just an afterthought. And now, your favorite travel partner can reap the benefits, too, if they’re not already members.

CLEAR is offered at more than 50 airports, stadiums, and arenas across the United States. It uses biometric identifiers like your eyes, face, and fingerprints to confirm your identity instead of waiting for a TSA agent to do it at the kiosk, allowing you to jump to the front of the line. However, unlike TSA PreCheck, you still have to follow traditional security measures once you cut the line, like removing jackets, laptops, and shoes.

CLEAR typically costs $179 per year ($15 per month). However, with this new package that you can purchase on CLEAR’s website, you and a partner or friend can get CLEAR for two for just $239 per person. That adds up to $120 in savings. Children are already allowed to tag along with your CLEAR membership for free, which means the entire family can get through security in a snap.

So now there’s no need to worry about whether you’re getting to the airport early enough, and no excuse to not bring someone else along with you if you’re the type of person who ditches your travel partner while they wait in the line you skipped.

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