Being a tourist is great. You travel, you get to know parts of the world you didn’t know, you see things you could never see at home. There’s nothing wrong or harmful with tourists per se, but it’s just like with the rest of people — some of them are rude, unrespectful, and do more harm than good to the place they’re visiting. The above video shows one of these groups trespassing a thermal feature at Yellowstone National Park to — what else? — take pictures.

Sure, we could defend them saying they just didn’t know what was wrong with getting closer to the water (if environmental reasons are not enough, maybe the danger of getting burnt would convince them?), but that’s not the point. You’re at a National Park where you’ve probably been told not to wander off the trail. And there’s also a “Danger!” sign making it clear it’s forbidden to go there. Why would you need other reasons?

Being a tourist is great. Just don’t be that tourist.

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