Striving for equality around the world

Pakistan is launching a women-only cab service to combat harassment.
The Paxi Taxi service is set to launch in Karachi on Thursday. The idea came after a report last year found that 55 percent of women felt insecure or unsafe on public transportation in Karachi. All Paxi Taxi drivers will be women, they will be wearing a pink headscarf, and female travelers can hail a car by phone, app or just in the street. [AlJazeera]

Protecting the world’s threatened animals

Wild jaguars could make a comeback in the United States.
150 years ago, wild jaguars lived in Arizona and New Mexico. However, habitat loss and predator control programs caused them to die out. Within the past few years, three jaguars have been captured on trail cameras in Arizona, giving conservationists reason to believe that with a little help, the species could roam again in the American Southwest. [CBS News]

For the first time, a bumblebee has been added to the endangered species list.
It’s bad news that bumblebees are under extreme threat, but it’s at least good news that they are being publically recognized as such. The rusty patched bumblebee is now an endangered species, and a senior attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council told USA Today that “federal protections may be the only thing standing between the bumblebee and extinction.” [USA Today]

China is devoting its national parks to protecting tigers, leopards and pandas.
Last year China announced that its Sanjiangyuan National Park on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau would be dedicated to protecting the Tibetan antelope. Now, as China boosts its national park system, it will be focusing on giant pandas, the Amur leopard and the Siberian tiger. One planned park will be 60 percent larger than Yellowstone at 14,600 square kilometers. [Lonely Planet]

Travel in the year 2017

The world’s first hologram park just opened on Australia’s Gold Coast.
It’s called Holoverse and it has 40 different “hologram rooms” filled with virtual reality dragons, holes you can jump down and walls you can walk through. You can even fly over the city. [Lonely Planet]

Goat yoga is now a thing in Amsterdam.
Classes take place in the hay surrounded by as many as 220 goats. It may have originated in Oregon. [Independent]