The environment was celebrated, rallied for and argued about over the weekend.

Holi, the Hindu celebration of spring happened.
Holi is one of India’s biggest festivals and has a few meanings — it represents the triumph of good over evil, the coming of spring in India and it celebrates Lord Krishna’s eternal love. AlJazeera compiled a colorful round-up of photos and NPR welcomed a bhangra band from Brooklyn into its studio for a Tiny Desk concert.

Hundreds marched in Washington, DC for the Stand With Standing Rock Native Nations rally.
The event was four days long and included praying, protesting and lobbying. The main goal was to draw awareness to natural resources and demand that the Trump Administration honor historic U.S. treaties with indigenous peoples. There were at least 200 representatives of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe present. [PBS]

Singapore, one of the world’s densest nations, is going green.
There are 6 million people for every 277.6 square miles in Singapore, meaning that it makes a large contribution to the amount of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. However, it’s been going green since 2008. One big initiative Singapore has made is called ‘100 percent greenery replacement’ meaning that for every bit of greenery lost to urban development, the same amount is planted on rooftops and terraces. [Climate Reality Project]

Nearly half of all Americans believe that yes, climate change is absolutely caused by humans.
Even though the head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, denied that fact last week on CNBC. Here’s an infographic by Statista just to make it clear.

Infographic: What Americans Think About Climate Change | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista

And you should know about this 23-year-old woman who could be the next Einstein.
Cuban-American Sabrina Pasterski has already graduated from MIT with a 5.0 GPA and is now a Harvard PhD candidate. At 14, she had already built a single-engine plane and flown it solo. She’s currently working on projects centered around quantum gravity, black holes and Spacetime. [Futurism]