How To Date a Girl From California

by Naomi Rose Feb 13, 2018

You probably already know that the stereotype of a tanned, blond, beach babe doesn’t exactly equate to all California girls. California is a diverse place and being a girl from this state is more of a mentality than a personality. You’ve heard all the songs about California girls, but how do you actually date a girl from California? Here are some tips.

1. Get in touch with your feminist side.

California girls expect their men to be feminists. This doesn’t mean you have to go to a women’s march (although she’ll probably appreciate it) but it does mean you have to listen to her views and avoid mansplaining at all costs. Being a feminist doesn’t mean she doesn’t want you to pay for dinner. But keep in mind if you take her out for an expensive meal, she’ll probably feel obligated to reciprocate.

2. Adventure outdoors.

Once you’ve been on a few dates, plan an outdoor activity, like a hike, a bike ride, or a picnic in a park. She’s in her element outside, and she’ll appreciate your creativity.

3. Know the difference between SoCal and NorCal.

There’s a historical rivalry between the north and the south. It’s not just the temperature that’s different; it’s also the slang and attitudes, so don’t expect your fleece-wearing NorCal gal to dress up or wear heels.

4. Ace your dating profile.

Californian girls are tech-savvy, so try out different dating apps like Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel, and Bumble. Don’t give them an easy excuse to swipe left — make sure you have a suitable number of fun, high-quality photos and a complete bio. (Tip: the dating app Zoosk just revealed that mentioning guacamole in your profile greatly improves your odds in the state.)

5. You are what you eat.

At least that’s what she thinks. Sure, she might like an In-N-Out, but her food philosophy probably only permits a dirty burger once in a blue moon. Find out what she eats before you take her out (a vegan will not be impressed with your favorite steak joint) and NEVER order for her.

6. Project positive energy.

Negativity is a total buzzkill for a California girl. Respect her yoga or meditation time, and don’t judge her if she needs to give her crystals a full moon bath.

7. Keep an open mind.

While the summer of love has technically come and gone, rules around romantic relationships are still fluid. Don’t come with any preconceived notion of what type of relationship a California girl is looking for. Being GGG — good, giving, and game — will set you in a good stead.

8. Know your drinks.

If you thought you might meet up at Starbucks, then think again. She drinks artisanal coffee and will be able to tell you if the brew tastes hay-like, brothy, or skunky. She drinks craft beers, although you might be able to get away with ordering Coronas if you’re eating tacos. And she knows her wine too — ever heard of a Zinfandel?

9. Let her complain about the cold.

She thinks anything below 50 degrees Fahrenheit is actually freezing, and there’s no point in telling her otherwise. Wintry weather is for weekend skiing trips to Tahoe and Mammoth, and that’s about all the cold a California girl is willing to put up with.

10. Care for the environment.

The way to a California girl’s heart is through sound environmental practices. Make sure you know how to compost, buy a reusable water bottle, and for goodness’ sake don’t let the water run.

11. Be Pro-California.

Nobody likes people hating on their home state, but Californians will find this particularly distasteful. After all, it doesn’t get any better than California, right?

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