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Eurail Passes Are Going Digital for the First Time, and They’re 20 Percent Off

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by Eben Diskin Dec 23, 2020

Eurail passes have been a staple of European travel for 60 years, allowing passengers to easily and flexibly book trips throughout its network of 33 countries. After all those decades helping travelers take epic trips and make memories, the passes are finally getting a makeover and going digital. Now, Eurail passes will be available online, and to kickstart this new digital age, Eurail is offering 20 percent off on Global Passes and select One-county Passes through January 4, 2021 — valid for travel throughout all next year.

Eurail travelers can now access the passes through the Rail Planner App, which also has features that help travelers throughout their journey. It has offline train schedules, an advanced search function to make train reservations ahead of time, and helps you find discounts on buses, ferries, and other attractions. Partner company Generator Hostels is also offering a 20 percent discount on stays booked through December 31 for travel in 2021.

Eurail passes can be used any time within 11 months of purchase, and you don’t have to set an exact date for your trip in advance.

According to the sale website, “We know thinking ahead is tricky at the moment, so we don’t want you to rush — do your research, plan things out and pick the safe and flexible option that works for you! The only rush you should feel is the rush of excitement that comes with arriving to new places when you travel through Europe in the new year.”

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