One of Europe’s most popular train services has just placed a limit on how much alcohol you can consume on board, presumably because people had been abusing their previously liberal policy.

The high-speed train between London and France, Belgium, and the Netherlands allows passengers to bring and/or consume no more than one bottle of wine or four cans of beer. No spirits of any kind are permitted. The new policy was actually implemented last year, but it seems passengers are just beginning to notice, and they aren’t taking it too well.

Mark Smith, who runs The Man in Seat Sixty-One website, voiced his opinion on Twitter that the new measures are unnecessary. “Eurostar has quietly changed its luggage policy,” he said, “and now no-one is allowed on with even a small bottle of spirits given (or to be given) as a present for example. And no more than one bottle of wine. This is completely unnecessary. Eurostar is a TRAIN not a plane.”

According to Eurostar, the alcohol policy was instituted to “maintain a pleasant environment on board for all our travelers.”

The restrictions are even stricter on night ski trains or trains to and from a sporting event due to previous incidents. During these services, no alcohol is sold on board and passengers are not allowed to bring alcohol with them.