A lodge in Bella Coola, B.C., Canada has officially proved that whale watching is so 2017. Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, a rustic retreat just outside of this tiny town in central British Columbia, is inviting you to come up and spend a few days hanging out with bears this summer. Not just any bears, mind you, but Grizzlies.

The lodge offers a number of all-inclusive tour options that put you up close with them, all but guaranteeing you’ll have the most original Instagram photos of anyone you know.

We hear your concerns and are here to quell them. Just like whale watching, you can head out in a boat, albeit on the Bella Coola River instead of the ocean. You first Instagram photo might look something like this:

There’s also this elevated wildlife viewing platform where you can watch the bears fish and feed their cubs:

If that’s still not close enough for you, jump on the boat:

If you and your crew want to come spend some quality time with the area’s resident Grizzlies this summer, the lodge is open for guests from July through mid-October, with the Grizzly Bear Safari season running from late August thru mid-October. While the number of bears you’ll see is ultimately up to the bears themselves, most don’t have to go too far. They’re often chilling outside while you drink your morning coffee:

The Grizzlies are the highlight, but the trip is also a perfect opportunity to get out into nature and spend the night in a luxurious all-inclusive retreat. It’s not hard to disconnect — the nearest stoplight is 400 kilometers away. Full-day hiking and sightseeing options are available as well. The staff and a guide are onhand for any tours that you embark on.and to cook hot meals throughout your stay. And check out these accommodations:

Whether or not you rub shoulders with a Grizzly. the experience of getting up north far from a major city is a fine way to disconnect from society. How close you actually get to the bears depends on your own comfort level, but one thing’s for sure: no one’s going to accuse you of planning a boring summer vacation.