Amid the continued protests raging in Hong Kong, Hong Kong International Airport has decided to cancel all flights for a second day in a row. Thousands of pro-democracy and anti-police-violence protesters occupied the airport over the weekend, with hundreds of scheduled flights canceled. Although airport operations resumed early Tuesday morning, an announcement later in the day informed travelers that check-ins had once again been suspended.

A statement on Hong Kong International Airport’s website reads, “Airport operations at Hong Kong International Airport have been seriously disrupted, all flights have been cancelled. All passengers are advised to leave the terminal buildings as soon as possible. ”

The airport protests are the result of Sunday’s violence, when demonstrations devolved into clashes with police. Tear gas was reportedly fired in a subway station, and rubber bullets were shot at protesters close range.

Hong Kong residents are protesting an extradition bill that proposes updating the existing extradition law to allow extradition requests to be granted to a number of countries, including mainland China. Mainland China and Hong Kong have different legal systems, and opponents of the bill say this could threaten freedom of speech in Hong Kong and make political critics of China vulnerable.

This article was updated on August 13, 2019.