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7 Things Never to Say to Someone From Maine on a First Date

by Maggie Russell Jul 30, 2018

Mainers are down-to-earth people. They’re not complicated, they’re not fussy, and they’re friendly. But before you start seeing one of them, you’d better learn a thing or two about the topics that irk them or you might just never get a second date out of them. So, prepare yourself and brush up on the seven things never to say to someone from Maine on a first date.

1. Don’t bring up Super Bowl 2018.

When Philadelphia crushed our souls in February, we buried the pain. Mainers are sensitive about their teams because we don’t have any professional teams of our own; we have to share the New England Patriots with five other states and cozy up to Massachusetts to root for the Bruins and the Red Sox.

2. If you’re a New York Yankees fan, keep it to yourself.

I recommend waiting until well after the wedding proposal before revealing your Yankees’ colors. This might just be too much for a Mainer to handle early on in a relationship.

3. Avoid politics.

Unless you met at Bible study or a political rally, heed the trope of avoiding politics and religion on the first date. We tend to be private people with deeply-held values. Get to know your favorite Mainer before bringing up Governor LePage or the afterlife. Holding differing political or religious views may not be a dealbreaker, but there’s a good chance you’ll scare them away if you jump in too deep too quickly.

4. Don’t ask your date where Maine is.

Geography nuts might be rolling their eyes right now, but I’ve been asked more than once if Maine is a province of Canada. Do a little research before the first date.

5. And don’t ask them about their accent.

Just as many Mainers have the accent as those who don’t. Note that it might show up more when a Mainer is in proximity to a lobster boat, hunting rifle, or Realtree Camo.

6. Don’t assume they grew up in the sticks.

Yes, 89 percent of the state is forested. That’s right, trees outnumber people. However, with the majority of the population concentrated in urban centers dotting southern Maine, don’t assume your date is from the boonies. Those of us who are of rural stock are proud, but others might resent being lumped in with the stereotype.

7. Skip complaining.

Unless you find a human hair or metal screw baked into your food, don’t even think about sending your plate back. People from Maine are brought up to take things how they come and make the best of it. Don’t bring up your recent medical drama or family meltdown unless A) it’s audience-appropriate and not gag-worthy, and B) it has a laugh-out-loud punchline. Plays for sympathy won’t get you far. If you want to impress a date from Maine, start by showing a positive attitude and a sense of humor.

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