EVEN IF FALL MEANS the end of the swimming season and the return of the much-dreaded socks, I’m happy. I don’t care for pumpkin spice everything, nor am I a fan of Halloween, but walking in the crisp autumn air, with the smell of firewood coming out of house chimneys, looking at the leaves changing colors really does it for me.

If like me, you enjoy looking at the leaves turn from green to gold or orange, this map will make you one happy leaf peeper.

This 2017 Fall Foliage Map created by SmokyMountain.com is a visual guide to the changing of the leaves. Those traveling around the United States this coming fall can now check out when peak fall colors will take place (September 30th in New England looks pretty darn close to perfect) and book their flights accordingly.

Don’t forget to enjoy the leaves while they are pretty and attached to the trees. The hours of raking that ensue this glorious time of the year are nowhere near as fun.

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