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7 Abilities Philadelphians Have Over Everyone Else

by Brandyn Campbell Aug 20, 2018

Special skills are required to navigate through the 1.5 million people in Philadelphia. Over the years of living in Philly, the people have acquired special talents honed from their unique environment, and those have shaped their culture. Here are seven abilities Philadelphians have over everyone else.

1. Spontaneously erupting into Eagles chants.

Get a large group of Philadelphians together and odds are that you’ll hear, “E-A-G-L-E-S” at least once, whether it be at concerts, a restaurant, or a Red Sox game.

2. Being incredibly patient.

Any city that must rely on SEPTA must possess a considerable dose of patience. Rain, sleet, snow, fallen leaves, heat, they all interrupt a less-than-perfect system. It’s okay to scream, but sometimes it’s better to laugh about the ineptness.

3. Avoiding health food.

With trends like organic foods and veganism showing no signs of disappearing, commitment to soft pretzels, Wawa, cheesesteaks, and Tastykake can be difficult to maintain, but we try our best.

4. Being completely irrational about sports.

Little evidence is required to make bold, definitive statements on sports radio. Win one pre-season game and we’re already repeating our Superbowl win. A player is facing an injury and suddenly, the team will never amount to anything. It’s perpetual optimism and pessimism wrapped into one fun, irrational package.

5. Knowing and appreciating our local craft beers.

In a place where a week out of every year is dedicated to beer, appreciating a good local brew such as Victory, Yards, and Dogfish Head is a right of passage. Our gastropubs have amazing selections, and renowned stops like Monk’s Cafe offer a “Beer Bible” to feature all of the national and international delights on hand. Yes, we love our Yuengling but also love finding new favorites.

6. Shining bright in the limelight.

Celebrities who hail from Philly are uniquely fabulous. Exceptional at what they do, yet down-to-earth, stars like Pink, Questlove, and Kevin Hart are our A-listers who keep it real.

7. Hustling.

Philadelphians have a heavy dose of creativity combined with grit and survival skills. We hustle to start a business, to grow a business, or string together a bunch of side businesses. The collective push to have a better life and survive makes one strong culture.

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