Photo: Lorie Shaull

How to Speak Philadelphian - Lesson #3

by Ryan Miscavage Mar 30, 2018

By now, you know that Philadelphians have their own language. If you’re not aware of it, check out our guides on how to speak Philadelphian: Lesson #1 and Lesson #2. Enjoy the third and final opus of this enriching language-learning experience. After you’re done, you can update your resume and add “Speaks fluent Philadelphian” as one of your very special skills.

1. Liberty Bell

Liberty bell

An iconic piece of American history.

2. The Mayor


The person who runs the city.

3. Radiator


This is what keeps you warm in the winter.

4. Vegetables

Speak Philly

You can thank the greengrocer for this one.

5. Electrical tape

Got to have the “L” at the beginning.

6. Towels


You’ll need these for when you go down the shore.

7. Cup of coffee

Cup of coffee

You find these at WAWA.

8. Window


We’re close enough on this one.

9. Eagles


The Super Bowl champions are the Philadelphia Iggles! We never tire of saying this.

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