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How To Speak Proper Philadelphian - Lesson #1

by Ryan Miscavage Jan 25, 2018

1. Tap Mac

What’s an ATM? Never heard of it.

2. Pock-A-Book

Your grandmother passed this on to you.

3. Crowns

The 64 pack was the best.

4. ‘Lantic Siddy

Wanna go down the shore? Maybe we can play the slots while were there.

5. Wooder Ice

This is surely one of the foods on the Philly food pyramid.

6. Slice-ah-plain

I like to get mine from Lorenzo’s or Rosa’s.

7. Jimmies

No ice cream cone is complete without them.

8. Flarda

It seems like everyone in Philly makes a home here at some point.

9. Senner Siddy

Downtown doesn’t exist here.

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