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The Most Searched 2021 Holiday Destinations, According to Google

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by Eben Diskin Jul 16, 2020

Travel is taking a huge hit in 2020, but that only means 2021 will see the release of a lot of pent-up wanderlust. Many who have written off travel in 2020 are eagerly looking forward to 2021, when the pandemic will have hopefully subsided, air travel is normalized, and people can actually enjoy a vacation with peace of mind.

A new study, drawing on Google data, shows where people are most excited about traveling next year. Compiled by travel company Kuoni, the data shows the most frequently searched and most post popular 2021 holiday destinations for 131 countries.

Overall, the United Arab Emirates is the most popular destination in the world, followed by Canada, the United States, and Qatar. Egypt is the fifth most-searched destination.


Photo: Kuoni

Americans and Canadians show a particular interest in traveling to Japan next year, while Europeans are focused on getting to the Maldives.

Dean Harven of Kuoni told Lonely Planet, “With various stages of lockdown still the case for many places around the world, it’s not surprising that lots of us are wanting to book something to look forward to. It’s fascinating to see how popular destinations differ from country to country and the upturn in Google searches matches the upturn in 2021 bookings we’ve seen in recent weeks, with Maldives holidays being booked the most.”

According to Google Trends, people are as eager as ever for future travel, with searches for “2021 holiday” increasing by 124 percent since the end of March.

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