EASDALE ISLAND was once at the center of the Scottish slate industry. That industry met its demise in the early 20th century, and the community on Easdale just about disappeared from the island. But in the last few decades, the island has seen a resurgence.

The island hosts the annual World Stone Skimming Championships each September, and has restored many of the old workers’ cottages—one is now home to the Easdale Folk Museum. Just a 5-minute ferry ride from Ellenabeich, this tiny island is permanently inhabited by only 70 full-time residents.

With one pub and restaurant, a gallery, a museum, beautiful beaches, and a swimming quarry (left over from the old slate mines), it may be small, but there’s a lot to see in Easdale. Being a car free island, you’ll have to explore on foot, but you can walk around the island in under an hour.

How to get there

Easdale Island is a 5-minute ferry ride from Ellenabeich on Seil Island—11km southwest of Oban. The passenger-only ferry can be summoned during operating hours by pushing the light buttons in the ferry waiting shed on the pier.

What to consider

  • There are no cars on the island, you’ll have to explore on foot.
  • There are 3 self-catering cottages for rent on the island, available year-round.
  • The Puffer Pub and Restaurant is the only one in town—but it’s award winning and welcoming.
  • The island is rich in history, and you can learn all about it by visiting the Easdale Island Folk Museum. Entrance is by donation; we suggest you leave one.
  • All sailings are weather dependent, so check ahead during inclement times.