LAKE LOVELY WATER is a remote alpine lake tucked into the Tantalus Mountain Range of British Columbia, at an altitude of 3,800 feet. Located just outside of Squamish, north of Vancouver, the lake and its surroundings are one of the most beautiful areas in the region.

The geology of the area is predominantly stable granite rock and glaciers, making it a popular destination for mountaineers and climbers. The lake provides awesome opportunities for hiking, fishing, climbing and canoeing, while the trek to the lake includes both sub-alpine and alpine settings, plunging streams and old-growth forests.

How to get there:

Lake Lovely Water is located in Tantalus Provincial Park. To access the trailhead, you must first cross the Squamish river from the west—either by canoe or cable. People either paddle themselves across or call Jay Bickwell for a ride—604.815.9647

To reach the river, drive west from Hwy 99 onto the road that climbs into the Upper Squamish Valley. Turn left at the fork in the road past Cheekeye Bridge. Two KM past the fork, turn left onto a dirt road. About 2km down this road you’ll find the river.

The hike to the lake is considered advanced. With the steep, difficult terrain, you’ll want to be prepared, but the payoff at the end—a pristine lake and camping with few people around—is well worth the effort.

It’s also possible to skip the hike altogether by chartering a helicopter or float plane.

What to consider

  • There is no road access to the trailhead; you have to cross the river via boat.
  • You can stay at the Tantalus Hut for $25/night ($15 for Alpine Club of Canada members) or go wild and camp outside for free.
  • The Tantalus Hut sleeps 20 and comes with wood, gas stoves, sleeping pads, cookware and, most importantly, use of the canoes.
  • You must make advance reservations if you plan to stay at the cabin.
  • Make sure you check the weather before going, conditions can change quickly.
  • Remember: respect the wild, Leave No Trace.