This team broke the world’s record for largest group of people to water ski simultaneously.

LAST FRIDAY, 154 water skiers met at Macquarie Harbour in Strahan along the west coast of Tasmania with the goal of breaking a world record. The previous record for the largest number of water skiers skiing at the same time and pulled by one boat was 114, which was set two years ago. Although nine participants fell out along the way, the 145 that made it the entire nautical mile easily broke the record.

The boat was a modified 114-foot World Heritage Cruises catamaran Eagle, with 3,000 horsepower and an aluminum boom over 300 feet long that worked to prevent the skiers’ ropes from getting tangled. Skiers came from all over the world to participate, and ranged greatly in age — the youngest was only 12.

According to The Daily Mail, Guinness World Records officials are expected to confirm the record in a few weeks.

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