A celebration of summer, in photos.

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Rincon, Santa Barbara, California

Dawn at Rincon is the most magical hour.
Photo: Morgan Maassen


Haena Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

The weather here is so unpredictable -- when we swam out it was beautiful with no clouds. Thirty minutes into the photo session the clouds covered the sky and it started to rain. The rain, however, made for an interesting photo with the clouds on the mountain.
Photo: Wyatt Shaw


Desolation Sound, British Columbia

Growing up in Tofino, you get to experience nature firsthand. Orcas swim through the harbour all the time and bear hang out in your backyard. I photographed this orca while on a shoot for the Pacific Yellowfin. We were in a small tender and were following the whales along the shore that were in shadow. When they were in the light, it made for some very dramatic images. I was really pleased when it all came together.
Photo: Jeremy Koreski


Maqai Island, Fiji

Several years back my best mates and I sailed around Fiji. After we finished, we went to camp on this microscopic little island on the eastern brim that we were certain had good waves, considering the setups we saw earlier that month. This was the first day of our arrival, and we were greeted by fun, junky surf. I surfed for a bit, then decided to jump in the water to shoot some underwater photos. Right as I got to the lineup, the craziest storm materialized overhead and made the water glow like I had never seen before. My friend Trevor Gordon passed me by, and this made the photo that kickstarted my career.
Photo: Morgan Maassen


Secret spot, Kona, Hawaii

In a secret spot on the Kona Coast, pods of dolphins come to rest after their nightly hunts. I had the honour to join some locals (pictured) on their daily swim to see the sleepy dolphins.
Photo: Sarah Lee


Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is a small island where everyone knows everyone. It's a real laid back community with a lot of local-owned businesses. When everyone is not at work, they are usually at the beach surfing or kicking back enjoying the sunset with a cold drink and some good company.
Photo: Wyatt Shaw


Clovelly, Sydney, Australia

Each summer, thousands of Sydney-siders retreat to the ocean to play, surf, swim, or do some form of water sport. Of course, the die-hards will brave the cold currents through the winter, as there is usually better surf to be had. From the heart of Sydney, you can reach a variety of beaches in a 20-minute car ride. On this particular day, it was overcast and not your typical postcard day. Once you were swimming in the water, the colors were a beautiful mix of dark green and blue. As soon as you would dive your head under the surface, suddenly you would forget the bad weather overhead and feel the calmness of the ocean. Almost like an escape.
Photo: Krystle Wright


Sandy Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii

I used the same technique here as I do for most of my signature shots: long exposure (slow shutter speed) and flash to create balanced exposure. I want to create movement of the waves in my photos, so that’s the technique I’ve been trying to perfect and that’s what I would like people to know me for. I don’t know of any other wave/surf photographer that does this style.
Photo: Kenji Croman


Wattamolla Beach, Sydney, Australia

I spend a lot of time exploring national parks and checking out new spots. This photo was taken on a day trip to the Royal National Park in NSW. We found this waterfall, and after some convincing I got my mate to jump off and took this shot.
Photo: Luke Byrne


Tofino, British Columbia

This is a quintessential evening paddle around Tofino, and the kind of day that doesn't come around all that often.
Photo: Jeremy Koreski


Crater Lake, Oregon

Because of the depth and clarity of Crater Lake, the water absorbs all the colors of the spectrum except for blue. Those wavelengths bounce back and make the water appear blue. Also, it is the deepest lake in the United States. When I found out that you could swim in the lake, I couldn’t help but add it to my summer goals list.
Photo: Christie MacLean


Hanlan’s Point, Toronto, Ontario

I always thought that the number one perk about Toronto is the waterfront. It’s really easy to get to, while being spacious enough to be fairly alone at most times. This photo was taken at this excellent, clean nude beach where you can pretty much be guaranteed to have an okay time. Everyone is smiling, everyone is willing to spare smokes, and the sunset on the skyline is perfect. This beach is a must-visit if traveling with a few friends, especially if you’re looking for a good time outside.
Photo: Dimitri Karakostas


River Wharfe, Newton Kyme, Britain

The subject is my girlfriend who at the time was playing with the water, letting it run through her fingers as rain started to fall. My hometown of Castleford is about 20 minutes from this spot and unfortunately doesn’t hold as good of a view to the eye. However, you only need to drive a few miles to reach a completely different version of Yorkshire. This photograph represents more of the natural surrounding and what’s available if you search.
Photo: Jack James


Parque Rodó, Montevideo, Uruguay

I live in Montevideo, a city with a lot of water. We have a long stretch of shore in the Río de la Plata, the arm of the Atlantic Ocean that separates the south coast of Uruguay from the north coast of Argentina. We have a lot of beaches that you can visit when the weather is warm enough. Now it's winter and winds from the South Pole are freezing our ass off, but in summer we love to go to the sea and enjoy the fresh air and the water. It's better if you go east (for example Maldonado or Rocha) because the water is cleaner and more transparent, but here it's great for a city. After a hard working day, you can go to the seaside and relax. This picture is about one of these days, a warm afternoon at the end of December with my friends, at a dock near my house.
Photo: Antonella Moltini


Watauga Lake, Tennessee

This photograph is from Watauga Lake in the Cherokee National Forest. One day this summer I went to the lake with John Hathaway, a fellow photographer. We met great people hanging out on their houseboats, cooling down in the water, camping and grilling, and goofing around on rope swings.
Photo: Tammy Mercure


Tafelberg Reef, outside Dungeons, Cape Town, South Africa

When the surf gets big in Cape Town, all big wave surfers pull out their rhino chasers and head for Dungeons. But when the surf gets too big for Dungeons, the indicator another mile out to sea gets even bigger, and it becomes a whole different ball game. Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker is one of the only humans to have ever surfed this mutant spot, and you can see why. Only surfable by jetski, he had to be traveling as fast as this giant wave. Note the erratic line drawn by his surfboard. He literally skipped down the face of this 80-foot plus monster, navigating two-meter airdrops every split second on his way down.
Photo: Alan van Gysen


North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

As I was leaving the beach I saw a couple fins sticking out of the water and people were pointing at it saying “Shark!” I got excited and grabbed my camera and fins and noticed before going in the water they were stingrays. They quickly swam away when they saw me in the water, but as I got closer the mother (big one) slowed down and put her tail up warning me to stay back. It was very exciting to be so up close to such beautiful creatures. I took a hint from the mom and backed off. When I surfaced after my pursuit of the rays, I looked back at the beach and noticed I was very far from shore. I guess I was so excited I didn’t realize how far I swam with them. It was an awesome experience. It’s rare to see a family of stingrays in the water in Oahu.
Photo: Kenji Croman


Cape May, New Jersey

Enjoying the last light of a warm fall day. The tourists are gone. The water is warm and the waves are pumping. Soon the days will be short and the weather will be freezing.
Photo: Seth Stafford


Pewaukee Lake, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This is an image of my father-in-law. He has lived in Wisconsin his entire life and embodies many of the customs that have traditionally defined our state. Fisherman, hunter, snowmobiler, Harley rider. Supper clubs on weekends. Whiskey Old Fashioneds. He worked in paper mills for over 30 years and has since retired. Much of the manufacturing in the state has greatly diminished as we place more emphasis on developing technologies, with Milwaukee leading the way.
Photo: Jon Horvath


Lyon, France

The town where I live is crossed by two rivers, so the wharf is here in the central area.
Photo: Christian Chaize

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