As far as sports go, few are more picturesque than rock climbing in its many variations.

Anyone anywhere can become a rock climber, as long as they have a mountain or a boulder nearby, and a serious amount of upper body strength. While plenty of climbers stick to indoor gyms, the best-looking rock climbing happens out in nature.

Check out these crazy rock climbing photos from all over the world. Then get out and start climbing yourself.


Larrabee Beach

Climber Greg Kachmarik on a boulder at Larrabee Beach on the Washington coast. According to photographer Kiliii Fish, this was the “easy” section of the V7-rated route.
Photo: Kiliii Fish


Smith Rock

Amanda Clark shows off her moves at Smith Rock State Park in Oregon. Smith Rock is one of the most popular sport-climbing sites in the US.
Photo: kikikiliii



This belaying photo was taken in Melchsee-Frutt village in Switzerland. Melchsee-Frutt is actually best known as a ski resort, but it has some sick climbing, too.
Photo: l@mie


Red Rocks Canyon

Photographer Kiliii Fish snapped this picture of Christine Deyo bouldering a sandstone hueco at Red Rocks Canyon National Conservation Area in Nevada.
Photo: Kiliii Fish


Red Rocks

Climber Dalton Green makes his way up Red Rocks in Utah.
Photo: Kiliii Fish


Joshua Tree

Southern California's Joshua Tree National Park is home to thousands of climbing routes up grippy quartz monzonite.
Photo: Mikaku


Pulpit Tower

Chad Walker free solos (no rope, no protection) Pulpit Tower in Zion during a brief but intense lightning storm.
Photo: Kiliii Fish


Pedra do Bau

The rock formations of Pedra do Bau are located within the Mantiqueira Mountains, 150 miles or so northwest of Rio de Janeiro.
Photo: Leonardo Pallotta



Taken in Priorat, a province of Catalonia in Spain. Possibly more “dangling” than “climbing,” but still an incredible picture.
Photo: asventada


Hueco Tanks

This is Patrick Fish Luther bouldering “Diaphonous Sea” in Hueco Tanks, Texas, near El Paso. The area’s known as having some of the best bouldering in the world.
Photo: Susánica Tam



Queenstown, New Zealand, has some amazing climbing, mountaineering, and canyoneering spots. This was taken just outside the city.
Photo: Stefanos Nikologiannis



These climbers are scaling a wall near Dobongsan, a mountain that rises just north of Seoul, South Korea and is part of the larger Bukhansan National Park.
Photo: Andrew Catellier


Railay Beach

A climber dangles from the 5.12a-rated Burnt Offerings at Ton Sai, Railay, Thailand. Railay is popular among travelers and climbers. The vaunted Thaiwand Wall is shown in the background.
Photo: Maria Ly



While a lot of climbers prefer free climbing—such as deep-water soloing or bouldering—it’s much safer, generally, to have at least something connecting you to the rock.
Photo: Max Ross


Lake Tahoe

This photo by Alan Wong was taken just south of Lake Tahoe in Nevada. The lake is typically known for its skiing and water sports, but it has some killer climbing spots as well.
Photo: Reno Tahoe


Red Rock Rendezvous

This one was snapped at the 2008 Red Rock Rendezvous, an annual rock climbing festival held just outside of Vegas.
Photo: Carl A


Ha Long Bay

This photo captured by Mark Turner was taken in Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay, where limestone formations more famously jut out of the water.
Photo: Mark Turner



Photographer Maria Ly took this photo of fellow climber Keller Rinaudo in Yangshuo, China.
Photo: Maria Ly


Summersville Lake

A great depiction of deep-water soloing, this shot was taken at Summersville Lake in West Virginia.
Photo: Steven Sloan


The Black Corridor

A climber rappels into the Black Corridor, a popular canyoneering spot at Red Rocks, Utah.
Photo: Caleb Phillips


Sennen Cove

There's plenty of rewarding climbing in the UK, such as here at Sennen Cove in beautiful Cornwall.
Photo: Doug McNeall


Sass Pordoi

Sass Pordoi is part of the Dolomites in the Italian Alps and offers incredible hiking, climbing, and skiing.
Photo: Marco Saraceno


Lake Lucerne

This photo was taken in Uri, Switzerland, at Lake Lucerne.
Photo: Adrian Schiess


Monkey Face

There is a climber in this picture, ascending Monkey Face, Smith Rock State Park, Oregon. If you squint, you'll see why it’s called Monkey Face.
Photo: Carl A



A climber reaches for the quickdraw as she lead-climbs some limestone in Geyikbayırı, Turkey.
Photo: Adam Kubalica